Local flavour

According to various gourmet guides, guests at Das Schiff enjoy some of the best cuisine in Vorarlberg.

Erna Metzler

The foundations for our award-winning cuisine were laid by our mother, Erna Metzler. A self-taught chef, she and her daughter Elisabeth Metzler have cooked their way into the hearts of gastronomers.


Chef Bernd Reimer

Since June 2017 Bernd Reimer is our new head chef. He too gains his inspiration from the skilful combination of local cuisine and international tastes. His apprenticeship he passed at the toques-restaurant of the Hotel Gasthof Krone in Hittisau. Further destinations have been the DO & Co Haas in Wien, the casino restaurant Falstaff in Bregenz and the  self-employed restaurant Adler in Schwarzenberg. Now, back in Hittisau, he is continuning the work of Erna Metzler with his own hallmark style.

Wälder Stube 1840

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However, the basic concept has remained the same: preparing dishes with a focus on fresh local ingredients. Selected alpine dairies, butchers and farmers from the region supply us with fresh hay milk, famous Vorarlberg cheese specialities, veal, choice cuts of highland beef and many other unique delicacies. And our large vegetable garden behind the hotel is a paradise of fresh herbs, salads and vegetables during the warm summer months.

All this goes into exciting combinations of traditional and modern, international and local cuisine, which some connoisseurs are prepared to travel huge distances to taste.


Wälder Stube 1840 Inside the cheese cellar Inside our kitchen