Cheese & wine

Cheese & wine

KäseStraße Bregenzerwald

More than 20 years ago, the Cheese Road was created here – in the Bregenzerwald. It pursues the goal of preserving and promoting the cheese culture that is so characteristic of the region, brings together farms, alpine and village dairies, innkeepers and hoteliers and strengthens the added value in this valley community.

Hans-Peter Metzler, founding member of the KäseStraße and chairman for a long time, transferred this idea to the SCHIFF and created his own cheese cellar.

In-house cheese cellar

Cheese cellar with selected top cheeses and fine wines.

Here, selected top cheeses from the Bregenzerwald and Vorarlberg in various degrees of ripeness are stored in the immediate vicinity of fine wines.

Variety of semi-hard cheeses

Traditionally, mountain cheese is produced along the Cheese Road in elaborate (hand) work. In the meantime, the dairies also offer a variety of semi-hard cheeses such as red wine, beer, wild garlic or herb cheese. Soft cheeses (Münster, Camembert) and cream cheese made from goat's or raw milk round off the offer.

Palate journey

Tastings in the cheese cellar

As an introduction to an enjoyable evening or as an impressive conclusion. From time to time, we invite you to a "Schtûbat im Käskär": a convivial journey through a region where cheese has been a staple food for centuries and where the craft of cheese is highly praised and cultivated.