Welcoming guests since 1840

Welcoming guests since 1840

More than 180 years ...

... this house is already standing in this place – always on the sunny side, at the foot of the Hittisberg, the expanse of the Bregenzerwald in front of it. Generations of passionate farmers and hosts have cared for and inspired this house. As a family and together with our great employees, we cultivate a hotel culture that is value-oriented and yet open to new things. Regional without being provincial. Self-confident, but warm. Unagitated, yet always attentive. Welcome!

Family Metzler

Hospitality has been lived since 1840.

Erna Metzler
She co-founded the Bregenzerwald gourmet cuisine.

Bernd Reimer & 

Felix Groß and theyr heroes in the kitchen.

Hostesses with heart & soul - 

in the 5th and 6th generation.

Seek the good.
Find the real thing.

"Home port" for those seeking peace and quiet, the subtle and connoisseurs.