The proximity to the producers of regional specialities is one of the recipes for success at Ernele. It makes sense to cook with fresh ingredients from the region.

Felix Groß, Chef de cuisine

Bistro & shop

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Bistro & shop


The Ernele – the shop in the Romantik Hotel Das Schiff in Hittisau – brings under one roof what the Bregenzerwald and the surrounding area have to offer in terms of fine pleasures. Between shelves full of hand-picked treasures from the area, it is easy to enjoy and browse. We spoil you with selected regional speciality cuisine and lift one or two treasures from our own cheese cellar.


Regional delighs

At Ernele, the good is literally close at hand: we try to source as many ingredients as possible in our kitchen from a radius of no more than 100 km. Trusted farms and producers supply us with meat, eggs, dairy products, berries, honey, etc. Of course, everything is processed "from nose to tail" – and what doesn't make it onto the plate right away is preserved, dried or otherwise preserved for the winter.

Chef de cuisine

Felix Groß, your host at Ernele

"You are what you eat!" Felix Groß is an advocate of regionality and maintains a large network of regional producers. Meat, fish, eggs, flour, dairy products, vegetables, berries, fruits - what is available in good quality (and from species-appropriate breeding) nearby is delivered to the Ernele!

Shopping at Ernele

The shelves at the Ernele are richly stocked with treasures from the region: various types of cheese (matured in the hotel's own cheese cellar), sausage and bacon from selected farmers, tasty mustard sauces and jams, pickled nuts, liqueurs and schnapps, spice variations by Karin Kaufmann, beautiful cookbooks and much more. It's worth stopping by!

Lovingly selected treasures

The Ernele - culinary showcase of an entire region

Appreciation for the best food