Breathe & relax

Bathing parlour with Finnish sauna, light-changing bio sauna, brine steam bath and infrared cabin. Light-flooded pavilion with high-quality magazines, indoor access to the pool and direct access to the garden.

Finnish Sauna

Sweating with a view

The natural effect of the beautiful Swiss stone pine stabilises the circulation and reduces the heart rate, making breathing deeper and calmer. This releases tension and reduces stress.

For adults from 11:00 a.m.


Bio sauna with light change

The bio sauna is the gentler version of the Finnish sauna at around 55 degrees. In contrast to other types of sauna, the humidity is higher at around 40 to 55 per cent. The mild temperatures are gentle on the circulation. The constant change of light colours can produce various positive effects.

2 to 7 pm


Brine steam bath

Wonderful relaxation enveloped by warm wafts of mist. The scent of herbs in your nose. The airways and skin pores open, the muscles relax. A visit to the steam bath is a real treat for body and soul.

2 to 7 pm

Pleasant warmth

Infrared cabine

Infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin and promote blood circulation, help with colds and tension or rheumatism and can even alleviate skin problems.

2 to 7 pm