On narrow runners

Cross-country skiing in Hittisau and the surrounding area

As our guests, you can use the cross-country ski trails in Hittisau, Balderschwang and Sibratsgfäll free of charge. The Grenzlangaufloipe Hittisau-Balderschwang (50 km in total, 240 metres in altitude) leads directly past the hotel, which can also be shortened to a beautiful village circuit (6.1 km). In neighbouring Sibratsgfäll, there are 3 cross-country ski trails with 23 km of fantastic scenery. And on the Hochhäderich (1200 - 1300 m above sea level), 3 wonderful cross-country ski trails are groomed in varying degrees of difficulty.

NEW is also the free journey to/from Balderschwang from Hittisau. So you can shorten the route as you wish.